Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Hikes: Long Pond Woods

Since I hike nearly every weekend and I take a lot of pictures, I thought I might add a new Sunday Hikes component to the blog. 

Today I went birding at Long Pond Woods in Rockville (yes, its highly appropriate actual name), Rhode Island. This is listed in Audobon's 'Passport to the Trails' as a medium/difficult hike, and that's an accurate assessment. Parts of the trail are the bare rocky ridge-line high above Long Pond.

Other sections are steep and somewhat slippery in places. Wear suitable footwear. But it is absolutely worth it, and it's possibly the coolest, most enchanting place I've visited in Rhode Island to date.

Exciting rock formations. 

The biggest lichen I have ever seen.

Fabulous fungus!

We didn't see much bird life, but the woods were alive with their song and from the pond came the melodious honking of Canada geese. But this is an awesome place to see turkey vultures, which I love, and when you're high on the cliff-top, they are so close. Trying to photograph them as they circle right above you is a bit of a challenge as you can see...

   And if you travel back east along Route 138, make sure to visit the Richmond Antique Center, where I picked up this amusing vintage (1918) German postcard:

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  1. Most Sundays I have to spend doing housework. However, yesterday I went orienteering in Pomfret, Connecticut. It was an excellent day to be outside.