Sunday, February 12, 2012

Learning Things

This postcard has become one of my most treasured material possessions, and I have carried it since I first picked it up in a coffee shop in 2002. Wherever I have hollowed out a little space for myself, I have stuck it on the wall at eye level. It’s a good reminder.

I’ve started a list of little learning things I intend to make my way through this year. It’s in keeping with my renewed fervor for goal setting and creativity scheduling—which I’ve promised myself I will value and adhere to as strictly as my paid-work schedule. It’s all an investment in what I truly love, part allowing of more steady forward motion and part swift kick in the posterior.  

For example, because confidently constructing a plot is my Achilles’ heel, I have a few books in my reading pile:

  • Plot by Ansen Dibell (Elements of Fiction Writing series. Writer’s Digest Books)
  • Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell (Write Great fiction series. Writer’s Digest Books).
  • Advanced Plotting by Chris Eboch… an eBook that was recommended by Janet S.Fox, and since I was so thrilled by her talk at NESCBWI's regional last year, I trust that it will be good. 

What’s on your learning list this year? 


  1. Go Marlo, education and learning for it's own sake is probably the most important thing you can do... the time spent in learning anything at all is never wasted time.
    I constantly seek to know things i have not encountered before,no matter what the subject.
    Motto ... Learn all you can, don't spend time on gossip! Mutti.

  2. Your post reminds me of a quote from someone on the 'Bookmaker's Dozen' panel at the SCBWI conference in NYC - "Everything you do informs your work." Like you, I also like to learn all I can in any situation. However, to be more specific, this year I'd like to learn what it feels like to be published! (Grin).