Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today, a question from the flock:

What is the rule on multiple submissions? I do not mean in the traditional sense. What I mean is, what about sending more than one MS to an editor/publisher at one time (in the same envelope)?

I've heard of extremely rare instances in which an editor has been kind enough to say, "Send me both picture books." But if she does, she's being very generous. You’ve probably had a critique with her. And you probably done her a favor, such as defend her from the rude and clueless writer who’s trying to shove an envelope in her face and refuses to understand why she won’t take it.

The rule is: one MS per submission.

And I think the reasons for this are very clear, if you have an understanding of the sheer volume of unsolicited submissions received by publishers. If every envelope contained more than one MS, most publishers' doors would be closed to unsolicited submissions faster than you can say, "Form rejection."

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  1. Thanks, I always wondered about that!!