Monday, May 6, 2013


My submission for the poster contest.
Poem "Infirm Pachyderm" by Jane Yolen.

If you’ve been, you know why I’m squealing with delight. If you haven’t, then what I say here can’t possibly fully convey how wonderful it is to spend three days with kid-lit folk, see old friends, meet new ones, and soak up wisdom, energy, and knowledge from so many esteemed writers, illustrators, editors, and agents. I return feeling warmed to my core and full to the brim: with knowledge, with inspiration, and with love for these folk and what we’ve all dedicated our lives to. Full and gushy and overflowing.

I’m also shocked and delighted to be able to say that I won 1st prize in the “published” category of the NESCBWI poster illustration contest. I’m still shaking my head in wonder.

I'm also thrilled and excited to say that my wonderful, extremely talented crit partners and dear friends, Dave Bird and Mary Davison, took out 1st and 3rd in in the "unpublished" category, including Dave winning the major prize of the R.Michelson Galleries Award. Congrats, guys, I'm so, so proud of you. 

Thank you, thank you to the incredibly hard-working and dedicated organizers, faculty, and volunteers who make these conferences possible. You are full to the brim with AWESOME. 


  1. Marlo, I was looking for you on Saturday evening and Sunday bit never saw you. Congratulations! I just LOVED your piece and wanted to tell you in person. I guess "in writing" on the internets will have to do. I'm so happy for you (and your crit partners).

  2. Congratulations! I love your poster.

  3. Yes, your poster is AWESOME!!! So glad that you won :-) Enjoy!!

  4. Thanks, everybody! I couldn't be happier. Now, onto the next piece!