Thursday, October 13, 2011

Strange Energy

It’s an acutely uncomfortable feeling sometimes, the need to write or create. Sometimes it sneaks up on you, niggling as a vague unease, a creeping inability to sit still or focus, a repeated pragmatic thought that it ‘must be the weather.’ Sometimes it’s disguised as an escalating resentment toward a waiting pile of bills, thoughts of negative energy between you and someone you care about, or the memory of some past hurt—and other times it just carries some essence of those things.

At such times you may resort to doing the dishes, at least, since you can’t settle on anything else on your to-do list. But even though you wash the dishes and clean the kitchen counters and scrub the floor on your hands and knees till it gleams, they’re still there. Words eager to be written.

That energy has to express itself somehow. Carry a notebook, use it, and call it 'Sweet Relief.' Or blog. Then chuckle. Then get back to your WIP. 


  1. A familiar feeling and the right solution delivered with humor as usual. Adorable too. :) -- C.R.

  2. Frustrations abound in life ...are always there waiting to bring you down!
    Sometimes it is hard to recognize their source , and sometimes the people around us end up paying the price for our pain.
    It is essential to guard against this happening, as misunderstandings can arise which can end up changing the direction of life, and often not for the better, ...from one who knows!

    Being a creative person is sometimes quite a painful process, but we are driven to keep going. GO MARLO.