Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy First Blogoversary to:

Illustration by Melanie Linden Chan

Melanie Linden Chan, illustrator and writer for children, blogs about her journey to becoming a children's book illustrator. Whether you're interested in children's book illustration, the illustration and artistic process, or kids' books in general, It's a Hoot is well worth following. 

Melanie is one of my former students at RISD, and having worked with her, I simply cannot wait to see where this journey takes her! 

 Illustration by Melanie Linden Chan

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  1. Thank you, Wordy Birdie! I have learned so much from you and your Writing For Children course; I wouldn't be this close to submission without you!

    Thanks for your support and celebrating with me- this is the best blogoversary present ever!

    Hope all your Birdy dreams come true!
    ~Melanie Linden Chan :)