Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Invitation

One of the things I’d like to experiment with here is looking at editing, copyediting, and grammar issues. And I’d like to invite you, Dear Flock, to send me your troubling sentences or phrases, or-if you dare-even whole paragraphs to be edited on the blog. The truly intrepid might like to submit first pages! I feel that this would be a great way to outline and explore key issues in your writing. So, please email your subs in the body of the message to wordybirdie AT . You'll stay anonymous, of course.

And if you've been wondering why I haven't posted lately: I've been frantically (trying to) catch up on emails and (successfully) completing pressing deadlines since my return from a brief-ish vacation. While away, I did a little hiking, a spot of reading, a smidgen of writing, and of course a lot of birding. Some of this birding was forced; apparently the birds on Martha’s Vineyard start singing at 3 a.m.—I kid you not.

Some things I saw:

(Look harder. They're there!)

Solitarius Tweetii
(Its actual Latin name.)

Some kinda gull.
(Never said I was an expert.)

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